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All-In-One Touch Computers

All-In-One Touch Computers
PioneerPOS has been designing and manufacturing all-in-one touch computers since 1997. To meet the needs of today's demanding applications, our products come in 12", 15" and 17" screen sizes with an array of add on options and are ideal for variety of applications.

Products: 12" Stealth-M2, 15" Stealth-M5, 15" XV, 17" Stealth-M7, 17" XV-2, 12" Stealth S-Line, 15" Stealth S-Line

NEW Release: 12" Stealth S-Line

Touch Monitors
Touch Monitors
Available in 15" and 17", our touchscreen monitors offer more features than most touch monitors in the market. The TOM series are specifically designed for touch applications, with a sturdy base and spill resistance. They also offer self-powered USB ports for easy and clean connection to peripherals such as keyboard and barcode scanner.

Products: 15" TOM-M5, 17" TOM-M7
Designed as a PC POS box powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications, the BOXi can be used as both a POS station and back office computer and is ideal for one terminal restaurants or retail stores.

Product: BOXi
Durable, ergonomic, and versatile. The StealthKiosk is ideal for space-contraint applications and offers the ability to customize your own customized marketing message or signage.

Product: 17" StealthKiosk

Product Overview

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes (15", 17")
Screen Sizes (12")

Touch Technologies
Resistive, Intellitouch SAW, InfraRed, or Capacitive

Point Of Sales, Work-In-Process,
Time Clock, Visitor Management,
Self-Service Kiosk, Healthcare,
Casino Player Tracking, Digital
Signage, and many more.

Configure a Unit
Product configuration is simple with our tools.
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Warranty Details
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