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Pioneer POS Preferred POS System Platform for POSQX 

November 2009 – POSQX, a leader of innovative, Cloud Based Computing systems for the restaurant hospitality industry announced an alliance with PioneerPOS to deliver its new package for quick service and fast casual restaurant terminal systems on the StealthTouch POS platform.

"We are very happy to add the PioneerPOS StealthTouch as our preferred POS platform of choice," stated Chris LaCroix Chief Technical Officer of POSQX. "PioneerPOS has proven to be an aggressive innovator of high quality POS terminals while providing a superior level of service at excellent price points. PioneerPOS has achieved the highest customer satisfaction from our users."

The POSQX system and software to run your restaurant is included with your Point-Of-Sale with no additional upfront cost and the lowest initial capital expenditure in the industry. All that is needed to go live with POSQX is an Internet connection. "Their unique go to market strategy enables restaurateurs to deploy quality POS systems without giving up the POS functionality that can help run their business efficiently and more profitably," stated Michael Flores, PioneerPOS. "In today’s economy, we know that business intelligence and automation are make or break propositions."


POSQX is a developer of advanced payment capture and processing technologies for electronic transactions application through development and delivery of Point-Of-Sale (POS) Cloud Computing business intelligence services infrastructure to enhance and enable Merchant Acquiring. Formed by a team of industry experts, POSQX takes a fresh approach to a universal business requirement, payment capture and the need for, and complexity of, the Intelligent Point-Of-Sale systems.

The POSQX Cloud Based System uses a combination of technologies to terminalize the application of touchscreen order processing at the Point-Of-Sale for the specific vertical of Fast Casual hospitality Food Service, merging the function of the electronic payment terminal with the order processing POS without additional infrastructure. Back office functions, restaurant management and integration of business operations are moved into the Cloud, and out of the Point-Of-Presence where the transactions between the business and its customer take place, and can be securely accessed from any browser on any computer, anywhere.

About PioneerPOS

Pioneer POS designs and manufactures state-of-the-art touchscreen systems with longer shelf-life. As a manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, Pioneer POS understands that one customer's needs may differ from another. Our products are built to take into account how you do business, so you can have the best return on your investment.

With their extensive engineering background, PioneerPOS can also work with customers in designing a custom product from start until production, which may involve custom molding, system board engineering, laboratory or agency approval, assembly, and production. The typical lead time for a custom-configured product is 3 to 5 days for touch monitors and all-in-one touchcomputers, and 7 to 14 days for kiosks.

Recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative touch solutions since 1997, Pioneer POS products have been deployed in industries such as restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, retail stores, casinos, labor management, manufacturing floors, hospitals, nursing homes, kiosk, and many other demanding applications.

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