M7 Prescribed for Improved Patient Care

With about 500 healthcare centers throughout the nation, a leading healthcare provider needed to find a solution to improve patient check-in and billing procedures. Specifically, the healthcare provider needed to decrease wait times for patient check in, improve billing accuracy and automate patient co-pays, and provide multilingual access, directions and other pertinent information.

In an effort to streamline patient care, this healthcare provider decided to implement standalone self service kiosk systems integrated with a patient and nurse driven software application. And since sensitive information is being retrieved and displayed, the solution needed to comply with the latest HIPPA requirements for data security as well as any municipal building codes.

After an extensive research and testing process, the healthcare provider chose the StealthTouch-M7 from Pioneer POS Inc. A state-of-the-art 17" all-in-one touchcomputer, the M7 was configured as a diskless terminal running on Windows XP embedded, with a 10/100/1000 BaseT network for fast data transmission. To meet HIPPA requirements, the M7 comes with a built-in privacy filter that allows only the person standing directly in front of the kiosk to see the information being displayed. This protects sensitive data from being viewed from other angles or by someone passing by. In addition, the M7 provides a depth of only 3.5" which meets most building code requirements. This is important because due to facility layout restrictions, some medical centers required a wallmount kiosk solution.

As a result, this self service kiosk solution enabled the healthcare provider not only empower patients to quickly and easily manage their own healthcare experience, it also enabled the healthcare provider to increase billing efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce labor costs. For more information, visit http://www.pioneerpos.com/stealth-m7.php