M5 Enables Mobile Point-of-Care Applications

Healthcare facilities like hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers, nursing homes, and retail health clinics can be chaotic. Healthcare providers need to be able to handle a wide range of health conditions and treat patients in an efficient and effective manner. Traditionally, physicians have used pen and paper to access and manage patient information. However, with the increased use of technology, healthcare facilities are turning to mobile point-of-care carts with electronic health record systems to enable practitioners to provide faster and more reliable patient care.

In an environment where accuracy is critical and urgent patient care is a necessity, a leading healthcare provider with over 100 facilities nationwide has identified touch technology as the fastest and easiest solution to facilitate patient care. Through the use of mobile point-of-care carts with electronic health record systems accessible through the Pioneer POS M5 15" touch computer, healthcare practitioners are able to access patient notes, X-rays and other medical images, test results, scheduling of medicine or procedure orders, educational information, hospital intranets, and electronically prescribe medicine.

The use of touch screen based mobile point-of-care carts has enabled this healthcare organization to realize a decrease in operational costs through greater overall operational efficiency. In addition, administrators with an eye on improving the bottom line, have also noticed an improvement in patient care satisfaction levels. For more information our healthcare solutions, please visit http://pioneerpos.com/stealth-m5.php