M5 Offers Secure and Reliable Communications

The M5 from Pioneer POS, a 15" all-in-one touchscreen computer, is currently used by several government agencies in a variety of applications to ensure communication and security protocol is not breached. For many government agencies, the ability to have secure and reliable communication that will enable them to seamlessly interact from multiple locations is mission critical. To meet that need, many agencies utilize the M5 for multi-user IP-based conferencing applications that enable collaborative workgroups to instantly and reliably communicate.

The M5's built-in Gigabit network can be used to deliver crystal-clear sound and communications over a standard Local Area Network or Internet between local and remote users. The M5 provides an intuitive touch screen interface which allows user to manage their audio conference with easy drag-and-drop functionality and simple point-and-click controls. And for situations in which sensitive data is being shared, the M5 can also be configured with a built-in privacy filter. The privacy filter ensures that only the person standing directly in front of the M5 to see the information being displayed.