Touch based Patient Check In Solution Is the Cure for Operational Inefficiency

Allergy Associates, a St. Petersburg Florida based medical practice, was looking for a more effective way to improve patient check in at their medical facility. On average, the multi-doctor practice processes 150 to 280 patients per day.

MedicalCheckInWith the role of technology in medical practices becoming crucial, practices are looking for new and innovative ways to improve the speed and efficiency of patient care. After researching many alternatives to improve operational efficiency, Allergy Associates decided to implement a touch screen based patient check in solution from Medical Check In Systems Inc. The solution consisted of a 15" Stealth-M5 all-in-one touch computer from Pioneer POS loaded with Medical Check In Software. And because the touch based check in system is simple to set up and easy to use, Allergy Associates was able to go live in less than an hour.

By placing one touch screen based patient sign in station near the reception desk, Allergy Associates replaced the traditional paper sign in process with a HIPPA compliant solution that reduced interruptions to busy office personnel, improved patient documentation, and streamlined patient care to the most appropriate personnel. Improved patient documentation ensures that the medical practice personnel can clearly read patient names, monitor arrival times, and have the ability to share the patient list which leads to improved patient flow throughout the practice.

Medical Check In Software also comes with detailed reporting that will outline key business metrics for the practice management team. "Typically, we can save an average of 1 to 3 minutes per patient by reducing interruptions and streamlining patient care. For a high volume medical practice, this can result in a savings of 2 hours or more of labor per day. And with no recurring costs, a practice can achieve a tangible return on investment in 4 months or less," stated Jay Corn, Sales and Business Development, Medical Check In Systems Inc.

By implementing this technology solution, Allergy Associates also realized that more effective and efficient customer service leads to better customer satisfaction and return visits. And because the solution is designed to adhere to HIPPA regulations, the practice ensures that it keeps customer information private thus mitigating any risk to the medical practice.

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