Pioneer POS All-in-one Does Hard Time

In the US prison system, inmates utilize the commissary to purchase a variety of goods that are approved for inmate ownership. Inmates can use money earned from prison jobs to purchase many of the basic items that are traditionally found in dollar stores. And due to security concerns and the fact that visits to the commissary are typically restricted to a few times per month, it is essential that the commissary have a fully functional POS system to expedite inmate transactions.

In a prison commissary, transactions are typically executed via a debit card or stamp system that is tracked through the point of sale system. And because the POS system is typically operated by an inmate or correctional officer, it is essential that it durable enough to withstand the most demanding user. To meet these requirements, many local, state, and federal correctional facilities have chosen the All-in-one touchscreen computers from Pioneer POS. Long known for durability and ruggedness, the Pioneer POS’s All-in-one meets these requirements and is currently used in both retail (commissary) and food service applications at many local, state, and federal correctional facilities.