M5 Add-ons Provide Security Clearance

Today, government run facilities from your local prison to the pentagon have increased security regulations restricting access to both sensitive data and physical locations within their facilities.

To meet this need, technology companies like Pioneer POS, have integrated add on security options to their core product lines. For example, the popular M5 15” all-in-one touchscreen computer, can be configured with a built-in privacy filter to protect sensitive data. The privacy filter ensures that allows only the person standing directly in front of the M5 can see the information being displayed. This protects sensitive data from being viewed from other angles or by someone passing by.

For the applications in which access to a location must be limited to approved personnel, the M5 also comes equipped with both magnetic stripe reader, fingerprint biometrics reader, and RFID proximity reader to control access to restricted areas. Or for applications in which visual confirmation is required for access to restricted areas, the M5 also comes with an integrated webcam to meet visual approval or communications needs. Larger screen is also available in the 17” M7 models.