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StealthTouch Series
Touch Monitors

StealthTouch-M2 12" Power Boost
The StealthTouch-M2 is a state-of-the-art 12" all-in-one powered by Intel's Atom processor. The low-power Atom processor allows the M2 to save electrical energy without sacrificing performance...

Touch Monitors

StealthTouch-M5 15" Power Boost
The StealthTouch-M5 is a 15" all-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel's Atom, available up to Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz. The Stealth-M5 can be set up to run as a diskless and fanless thin client....

Touch Monitors

StealthTouch-M7 17" Power Boost
The StealthTouch-M7 is a 17" All-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel Core 2 Duo technology. This technology allows the M7 to meet your most demanding application...

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Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes (15", 17")
Screen Sizes (12")

Touch Technologies
Resistive, Intellitouch SAW, InfraRed, or Capacitive

Point Of Sale, Work-In-Process,
Time Clock, Visitor Management,
Self-Service Kiosk, Retail, Casino Player Tracking, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Digital Signage, and many more.

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